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Disaster Relief

from Hydrodynamic Enterprise (Myanmar) Co Ltd.

An unusual flooding disaster, which is the biggest in the last few decades occurred in Myanmar on August 1 and 2, 2015, led to death of over 100 persons and suffering of about 220,000 families with nearly one million civilians. People from all walks of life are striving to fight with such disaster rescue. The area with crops drowned in the water is over 1 million acres which may yield a crop harvest decrease equivalent of 2 million tons of rice.
The flooding damaged numerous roads, bridges, shelters and over 2,000 schools. 12 out of total 14 provinces of the country are suffered from this flooding at different level. The Myanmar government and walks of all life are striving to fight with this disaster relief and the international community is starting to provide assistance. The China government gives hand with immediate humanity support at the first time. Hydrodynamic Enterprise (Myanmar) Co Ltd also offered its possible help by donating BUK 0.5 million and 30 pieces of USCG approved life jackets, forwarding to the victim districts organized by MGMA. In the meanwhile, Hydrodynamic also rushed to produce 100 uniforms for the officials of the Chinese Ambassador heading to the disaster area with another l 100 life jackets added to the donation.

During such period, employees of Hydrodynamic are also donating clothing, mineral water, cookies, instant noodles which were well packed and distributed to the disaster area by 2 lots.

The first lot, teamed by Anthony, the vice General Manager, assisted by Miss Lin, was assigned to Thar yas wady. They started to leave by 5:30am on August 9, 2015 and headed to the disaster area after 5 hours ride and 0.5 hour ferry, witnessed the whole water covering sites and houses almost drowned along the road sides. Only roof and crowns could be viewed in some area, flood-stricken people stayed at local temples and they handed over the rescue commodity to the well known and sainted monks there. They strived to head to the 2nd disaster area – Moe nyo, but failed due to traffic jam after 2 hours driving. That was nearly 5.00 pm but it still couldn’t withdraw their warm heart. Considering the job next day, they decided to remain only one car to continue the mission by Handing over of the commodity to the disaster victims.

The 2nd lot , led by Miss Li, was handed over to Nian don, Ya daji with an hour ride and half an hour ferry. They handed over the commodity to each disaster victim, shaking hands by hearing their thankful words and seeing tears running on their faces.

Disaster relief is quite hard and it is quite worthy if you see how the disaster-stricken people eager to assistance ……

Hydrodynamic Enterprise (Myanmar) Co Ltd donated Life Jackets to Mr. Hong Liang, the Chinese Ambassador in Myanmar.

Ready to depart.

Temple drowned in water.

Victims waiting for rescue.

Commodity for disaster relief.

Disaster-stricken civilians.

2nd lot to Nian Don and Ya Daj.

At the family residence with flood damage.

Disaster Relief Commodity.

Counting team member.

Flooded civilians waiting for rescue.

Donating rescue goods personally.

Heading to 2nd rescue area – moe nyo.

Livestock is waiting for feeding by road side.

Waiting for rescue.


Loading goods on boats.

Hard boating to temple.

Team for rescue action.

Flooding situation on road sides.

Commodity arrived by 3am in the morning.

Miss Lin handed over the goods personally.