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Year Event
Hydrodynamic was established with first factory in Shenzhen (work force: 160)
1992 Factory moved to Huizhou (work force: 800)
1994 Neoprene lamination department established
2002 PFD factory opened at Dongguan.we are one of the first overseas manufacturer to get
  US Coast Guard and Canadian Coast Guard approval. (Work force 1300)
2005 To accomodate our company’s rapid growht, we started new construction project in Heyuan city.
  The factory space is of 125,000 sqm.
  The floor space in the facilities totals 110000 sqm.
2006 Heyuan factory started production at October 2006.
2007 We bought from DAKA development Company Ltd. their Sports and Leisure department.
  Hence we open a new chapter in to the world of electronic plastics, and motorized equiipments.
2009 Work force totals 3000 plus.
2012 Phase II of the Heyuan project will be finished by 2012.
  This would add another 110000 sqm to our total facilities.
2013 Our new factory in Myanmar becomes operational, with initial work force of 300
2014 Myanmar factory work force grow to 600